Shelf Life


Is it not true that gasoline in any form will NOT deteriorate in storage as long as it’s stored in a completely air-tight container? I thought the only reason that gasoline will ‘get old’ is if it’s allowed to let it’s more volatile components evaporate out of it. No?


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Gasoline begins to degrade in 6 months time and can get really nasty after about a year. Todays gasoline has been “cat-cracked”, it’s not a straight-run distillate anymore so it’s unstable. Also, it has been “reformulated”, blended with alcohol and co-solvents that are just waiting to phase-separate, sealed container or not…

Sealed container, completely dry, cool location, “Stabil” added, maybe you could store it for 2 years max…


And put Sta-Bil in it before two weeks go by if you know you are going to store it for a while.


Not really. There are chemical reactions that take place even in a totally sealed tank.