RV in storage with 80 gal. of gas

I’ve kept my RV parked with a full tank of gas for just over a year and a half. I put stabil in the tank within the first couple of months, and have only had it out to move it across town. The manufacturers of the Stabil product don’t recommend more than a year, but I’ve read of people getting a year and ahalf to two years out of it. I tried siphoning, but of course it’s a siphon proof tank. What’s the range of things that can happen if the gas goes bad? Anyone have great stories about keeping gas good for two years? I can’t really take it on a trip until the rain stops in the spring or summer!

If your goose is not cooked it certainly is defrosted, you never should have parked this RV with this much gas for this long even if you had to drive the tank dry before storage.

I’m in agreement with oldschool and I’ve seen some gasoline go bad within 5 months without treatment. In one case, gas with Stabil went bad (very bad) within a year. In the latter case it involved 5 gallons of gas and 1 full container of Stabil so it was not a question of not being treated well enough.
I could throw a match on a sample of that gas and it wouldn’t even flare up.

Aged gasoline can ruin fuel filters or fuel pumps in some cases and sometimes the pump failure may be a delayed action; say 6 months after you start using the RV. Who knows.

If the RV were mine I’d be figuring out a way to get all or most of that gasoline out.
Dang. Eighty gallons X xxx = Ouch.

A lot depends on where you are. High temperatures will decrease the shelf life of gasoline. If you are in a warm area, I would consider having the tank emptied. But that is going to cost you to dispose of the fuel, that might still be good or might not.

According to the directions on my bottle of Stabil, if stored for more than a year, you should double the dose. Since it’s only been 18 months, I think you might be fine, but find a way to use that fuel so you can replace it, and this time, use a double dose of Stabil. I wonder if there is a way to siphon out a little fuel and get it tested.

If the tank is full, and has a good sealing cap, you’re probably fine. I’d consider unhooking a fuel line and draining 5-10 gallons at a time, then mixing it with the gas in your other car(s) to top it off. That way, the gas gets used before it goes bad, and if you mix it with a partial tank of gas in your car, if it’s already starting to go bad, you’ve minimized the amount of weak gas in the tank. (of course if your car starts to run like crap on the added gas, I guess you’d know that it’s gone bad already)

How much room is in the tank for fresh gas. Ive heard tell gas goes bad in a month yet seen vehicles that sat over a year and start and run with no problems