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Using old gas

Gasoline has been in a container (gas can) for 3 years. Could I use it up a little at at ime in my 1999 Camry?

You probably could, but I wouldn’t. If it was a metal container, I’d find some way to properly dispose of it. If it was a plastic container, as in my case, just this past weekend dumped out a 3 year old ATV gas container to refresh the gas. The 3 year old gas was dark and varnishy looking. I used the gas in my riding mower. It seemed to run ok, but I’d never put it in a car. I’ll never again go three years without changing the gas in my flat pack gas storage container. I think one year is all you’d want to store gas.

I wouldn’t. I would dispose of it properly or use it in my lawnmower a little at a time.

Next time you fill your gas can, put fuel stabilizer in it as soon as you buy the fuel. The directions on the side of my bottle of fuel stabilizer say to double the dose for long term storage periods (two or more years). I suggest you do that so you won’t have this problem again.

I would take it to a hazardous waste recycling center and get rid of it. Gasoline turns to varnish when stored for a long time. 12 months is about the best you can do, and that’s assuming you’ve added stabilizer.

I wouldn’t put three year old gas in my car.

I agree with mcparadise. Old gas does turn to varnish. It will plug up fuel injectors and carburators. Heat will decrease the life span of gasoline even further.