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Shaking/Vibration only under acceleration?

Car is a 2013 Ford Escape. It’s been to the Ford Dealer. They advised there is nothing wrong with the wheels, drive shaft, cv joints… when I drive and I stress only when under acceleration my car shakes time to time. I feel it in the pedal and right underneath. Frustrating because Ford cannot diagnose the problem, no check engine light on. Any ideas?

An ignition miss can do this. Maybe it needs to happen more often or longer for it to turn on the CEL and store a code.

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Motor/ transmission mounts

Ford owners here have mentioned the dpfe gadget, part of the egr system, as one source for this sort of problem. dpfe == differential pressure feedback EGR sensor. When you accelerate the egr valve is suppose to open a precise amount to prevent nitrogen pollutants from forming. How much it opens depends on the engine load and that’s the dpfe’s job, to figure that out. If the dpfe commands the EGR to open too much it creates sort of the equivalent of a vacuum leak, and this symptom could result. Not saying that’s the problem, just saying its one possible thing to consider. Often the dpfe problem will cause a misfire diagnostic code, so that’s something to check for with an obd II scanner.

I agree with shanonia, engines can miss only when under load, like accelerating or going up a hill.