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Ford shacks with acceleration

I have a 97 ford Windstar with a 3.8 v6. When I accelerate the front end shacks and when I take my foot of the peddle it stops. It will do it at any speed when I accelerate but if I take my foot of peddle and accelerate slowly it will only shake a little bit.

Okay, if I correctly decoded your post…

It sounds like misfire under load. Is your check engine light on or flashing?
How many miles? When were the spark plugs last changed?

Wouldn’t the CEL trip on a misfire, even in a 97?

Sounds to me like a bad inner CV joint and/or motor mount problem. Of course, this would make it shake - I’m not sure what would make it a shack.

Yes, which is why I asked if it was on or flashing.

"I’m not sure what would make it a shack."
Perhaps if it collided with a travel trailer?

Hmmm…If this van had a flat tire, I think that would qualify it as a lean-to.
Is that close enough to a shack?

ok ok sorry for the miss spell shake…if its the cv jount how can you tell.