Shake When Accelerating (35-45 mph)

'08 Buick LaCrosse.

Vehicle shakes when hitting the gas between 35 and 45 mph. No shake when braking down through these speeds. No shake when in neutral revving the engine. No wheel shake as one would expect with warped rotors. Re-balanced and rotated the tires (they aren’t even that old anyway), still shakes. Below 35 mph, no shake. Vroom past 45 mph, buttery smooth.

Is this an alignment thing? Struts? What am I looking for? Salvage title car. No idea why. It was cheap and I use it for a rural mail route. Had the car for 40,000ish miles. Just the most recent issue in a long string of issues. I do as much of my own maintenance as possible to keep it profitable but this one is stumping me a bit.

I’d guess a bad engine mount or three.

That shake is caused by a worn inner CV joint.

Given the salvage title I would check the alignment.

Did a little more research. Seems like similar symptoms to a worn inner CV joint.

I had it aligned a few months ago, so I’d kinda doubt that’s the entire issue. However, the routes I cover aren’t exactly forgiving as far as terrain goes and I get knocked around quite a bit.

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