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Sevice airbag light

I ahve a 2007 Saturn Aura XE. car has 28000 miles and is past time for warranty. My wife was driving and the service airbag light came on. I had the car serviced about a month ago, routine service, and everything was fine. Is this something to be concerned about? Is it a major expense to check? I sold Saturns for 11 years and never even heard of a light coming on. I need some advice.

Yes, it is something to be concerned about. An airbag not functioning can cost you your life in an accident. No, checking it isn’t expensive…repairing it MIGHT be.

This is not just a routine maintenance warning or a nusience light. The passive restraint system does a self-check every time you start the car and it has detected a malfuntion. Airbags really do save lives, but they need to be functioning to do so.

Usually, when that light is on, the system is disabled. Not all repair shops have the equipment needed to scan or repair airbag systems…

Thank, I have it checked. I hate that EXPENSIVE part of your message!! :slight_smile: