Service Protection direct

I’ve been contacted by service protection direct, is this company a scam? Whats the catch, they’ve offered to cover my f-150 for another 100K for around $1,700. It sounds good but I want to know if I’m walking into a trap…thanks

The hard part for not just you but your mechanic is trying to collect on these type of warranty’s. Read it carefully. They have experts(legal) write them so it makes collection not only difficult but impossible sometimes.

Yea I went to better business bureau to see if there was any explanation but it was a little unclear. They should legally disclose all information I would assume.

If you are going to depend on the Better FOR Business Bureau for objective information about a business, you may wind up being very disappointed. Their own record is very dicey and in fact, Smart Money magazine published an expose on the BBB several months ago, stating that “few consumers are helped by the BBB”.

While most of us advise against any type of extended warranty, I think that EVERY one of us advises against this “third party” type of extended warranty. No matter what the claim, these firms invariably find a way to wiggle out of paying.

Don’t waste your money.

They probably cover very little. This company called me and on my cell phone multiple times and I complained to them multiple times about it, twice a week was average. Even after I talked to the supervisor they called again. I finally had to call my cell provider to have them blocked.

If you are serious, contact the Missouri Attorney General’s office Consumer Affairs Div, and see what they have on these guys. They are based in St Louis, MO, and complaints range from hard-sell on the phone to not refunding warranty despite the refund being in compliance with the contract.

Sounds like a dicey deal to me, regardless of price…

Put the $1700 in a seperate bank account and call it “my extended warranty account”. If something breaks that would have been covered by Service Protection Direct you’ll have the “warranty (account)” to fix it, and if not you get to keep the money!

Why give it up to them so easily?

If you were contaced by phone, don’t do business with them. If you were contacted by mail, don’t respond. Nobody would offer a warranty for 100,000 more miles if they intended to pay up.

My advice is skip the whole thing.   

If you don't like that advice make sure you do three things.

Make sure they are registered as an insurance company and are in full compliance with all your states laws.  Check it out.

Two get a copy of the contract.  Read it carefully and make sure it spells out things like how much you must pay, cancellation options etc. as well as what is and is not covered.  

Three, remember that they must collect more money than they pay out in order to stay in business.  Without them you would, on average, save money.  Typically that is about 50%.  In today's climate I would also be concerned that they may go out of business after you pay and before they provide any coverage.

Be careful. These “3rd party warranty” companies often will open for business, pitch a sweet deal to lure new customers, collect their money, then suddenly declare bankruptcy.

I had to laugh when one called me. I told them I had a 13 year old Dodge minivan with 172,000 miles on it just to see what they’d say. The said they would gladly sell me a long term warranty for it. I’m sure they would be.

most, if not all, of these outfits are in the St. Louis area.

To coin a British phrase - “I wouldn’t touch it with a ragman’s trumpet”

I foolishly paid for one of these years ago when I purchased a used Daimler V12, when a major mechanical problem did arise the warranty company refused to pay. Though the repair read to be covered, the legalese wording of the warranty gave the company get out clauses for just about anything.

Like Mountainbike has advised - keep the cash and sock it away for future repairs.

Thanks to all for advice, I’ll walk away from these infected 3rd party companies!

Be careful. These “3rd party warranty” companies often will open for busines

Are there ANY warranty companies worth it??? I’ve yet to hear of ANY. They are ALL a scam.

They’ve called me several times. I like to claim ownership of cars that they have likely never heard of. I’ve claimed to have Duesenberg Model J , a DeSoto, a Marmon Series 16 , and most recently a Stanley Steamer. I think next time they call I’m gonna shake things up and go with a 2009 Rolls-Royce Drophead .

I’d love to hear a quote on a Stanley Steamer!!

I tell them I have a 1949 Cadillac (which I do) and they always hang up on me.

Your job should be to keep them on the phone by stringing them along as long as you can. This is a good approach

I love that audio clip

try the link below. this guy seems to have done alot of research and finds it to be a scam.