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I have looked at all of those sites. Their recommendations include companies that are “Marketers” and " Administrators" or both. I just want the latter. There is a difference. Again, from this article (Understanding Extended Warranties: An Insider’s Guide - Car Talk):

  • “Marketers” - …the company selling a service contract isn’t the company actually providing it. The names he’s finding, names like Carshield, AutoPOM!, or Carchex, are marketers. They sell service contracts on behalf of other companies.
  • " Administrators" - …an administration company that is often completely separate from the company he bought the contract from. Administration companies, such as Omega, Royal, or Integrity, are the businesses that actually handle the execution of the extended warranty. And it’s that company Steve really needs to check out, because the administration company is what he’ll have to deal with if he ever needs to use the plan.

Hi @ejudgie_182260
Your question is understandable, but it’s not clear that data exists or if it could be trusted even if it does exist.

For some reason, you’re not accepting the overwhelming “red flag caution” message from all the replies thus far. How about trying this as a next step?

Call a number of the “marketers” and “administrators”. Tell them you are interested in signing up for an extended warranty or service contract, but you need to see the complete terms of the agreement first before you sign anything.

a) See how many will send you something first.

b) If any do send you something (it would surprise me), then read it very carefully, especially for the numerous subtle ways the company can legally deny covering a claim. Most (or all) will only send you something after they have your money.

c) Then you may want to disconnect your phone as the companies will repeatedly pester you will phone calls trying to get you to sign with them.


These Administrators that you are hung up on are just like the call centers that many companies use . They could be any where in the world and they will only approve what the contract company has as a guideline . Archies Extended warranty company could one admistrator company on Monday and another one on Tuesday. There will not be a site that will give you peice of mind .

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If the Marketer gets good ratings… and the Marketer uses a particular Administrator, that would seem to indicate the Administrator is also well rated.

The flip side is… If you buy a warranty from a No-Name marketer, but they use the same administrator as the well-rated Marketer uses, the experience would likely be the same. But why would you take that risk?

The marketer can use different administrators.
And as soon as you sign up the marketer is out of the picture and you’re left dealing with the administrator. Most sites that rate don’t seem to care about this difference.
FWIW, I am now 99% sure I’ll be self insuring due to these contracts having so many ways to reneg on paying. So you’ve all convinced me.

Actually Most of them send you a sample contract. Whether it’s the exact one you get when you sign up I’m not sure. But in any case there is enough in the sample contract to see all the ways they can reneg.

Never bought one…NEVER EVER WILL.

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Not exactly self insuring . You are just going to fix what breaks like most of us .

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Sometimes referred to “self-insuring”

Any questions you have id be glad to share my inside knowledge and prove the misinformation wrong.

Yes read the contract. Bought an extended warrany when I bought a used car. 5 year 60k miles warranty was sold to me for $1400. One of my window switches failed, found out the warranty was from the date of manufacture, so 5 years 2 months I found out I was not covered. Bitched, they said they will not sell those anymore and the person that sold it to me had been terminated, nothing but lip service was all I got.

In my younger years, I participated in a few sales meetings. The kind meant to rile everyone up to go out there and sell sell sell. I can still smell them when similar language is used to hype the products. Just level with me and I’ll sort it out without the hype.