Service Advance Track Light Mustang GT

Every few weeks or so my “service advance track” indicator will come on then after a few cranks of the engine, go off again. 2 Different dealers have serviced this issue over the last 4 months, sometimes replacing modules, sometimes not. After at least 6 trips to the dealer and multiple “repairs” I am now being told that the differential in the tread depth between my front and rear tires is the cause of the problem. Ford is recommending that I replace the rear tires (which have only about 20K on them. Seriously?

This seems to be a big problem for Fords on all their models with this system. One guy had a low battery that fixed it. Another the ABS module fixed it. Another the steering rack replacement fixed it and properly installed the ground. It seems that gravel roads can trigger it, at least intermittently. I would measure the tire circumference of the rears and compare them to the front. Maybe you could add a few extra pounds to get them the same. Then disconnect the battery for 10 mins. Drive it and see if it fixes it. If so, at least you know they are not feeding you a load of crap.

Maybe try reversing the positions of front and back tires first. Back on front, front on back.

If that doesn’t work, tell us more about the current tires and wheels. Are these the OEM wheels which came with the car new? Is the tire pressure the same, front and rear? Are all four tires the same brand and size? And a size recommended in the owner’s manual? Were all four tires installed at the same time and rotated on schedule? The best solution may be to purchase 4 new tires and make sure they get rotated frequently going forward.