Subaru tribeca B9 rear differential temp light

My wife has tribeca B9 (2006) and the rear diff light comes on when she is driving and goes off when she comes to a stop. It does not flicker and the elec connector looks OK, and the oil looks good and is full. Can this be caused by uneven tire wear or the rear tires being out of alignment? Any help I could woul be appreciated.

has the oil been changed?awd cars are funny about the tread depth on the tires that might be an issue.

I don’t know if you are still monitoring this post but here goes.

The first thing I would do in this case is to have someone measure the rear differential temperature with an infared temperature device after a long high speed drive. If the temperature is within specifications, I would measure the continuity of the temperature switch and/or just replace the temperature switch.

If the rear differential temperature is higher than expected, measure the circumference of all the tires and see if any differences fall outside of allowed tolerance. If you have a tire that is out of tolerance, you will have to make the decision whether to buy a set of 4 matched, new tires or buy one tire and have it shaved to match the circumference of the other tires. As Big Marc said awds, expecially Subarus, are particular about uniform tire size.

You don’t mention if this is an automatic or a manual transmission so I will not address the power transmission possibilities.

It is unlikely that tire alignment is the problem unless a long standing misalignment has led to uneven wear of one or more tires. Also I assume you have kept up with rotation of the tires front to back.

Anyway, get back to us if you resolve this problem. Details would be welcome.