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Ford Explorer Advance Trac full time all wheel drive

I recently had to replace a right rear tire on my 2006 Ford Explorer. The other 3 are original with 47,000 miles. I heard a rubbing squeak sound when I was on uneven surface. When I had the vehicle in for service, I asked them to check it out. The mechanic advised me since the vehicle had Advace Trac fulltime all wheel drive and that the diameter of the tires were different with one tire brand new and the other 3 worn that I was tearing up the differential and needed to match and replace all tires @ the tune of $180.00 apiece. GoodYear Rugged T/A P245/65/17 105T. Really?

Yes, really. Does your owner’s manual have anything to say about this? Certain AWD vehicles are extremely sensitive to differences in tire diameter/circumference.

You may be able to have a tire shop shave the new tire to match the three older tires. That’s less expensive than replacing three tires.

Yup! The mechanic spoke the truth.


Thanks. Just needed some reasurance

And, as long as we are on this subject, I strongly suggest that you read your Owner’s Manual.
In addition to information on this specific topic, there are undoubtedly other issues that you benefit from reading about.

Three years after the fact is a bit late to find out about information like this, but it is not too late to prevent other problems.

True in practice, yet the logic still escapes me. In our shop I’ve seen several trashed transfer cases from just such things. maybe it’s the front/back revolution difference that ruins the t/c because the axle differentials are always working side-to-side as the tires travel different revolutions around every corner.

Isn’t the Center Differential and/or the transfer case the problem in this situation, rather than the rear axle differential? When the OP was told that he was “tearing up the differential”, I tend to think that it was the center diff that was being referred to.

The mechanic is right. However the tire you mention doesn’t exist. I’m thinking you mean BF Goodrich Rugged Trail T/A tires. $180 is high even it includes mounting an balancing. Tire sells the very same tire for $114. I highly recommend the Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo, they go for around $150 a tire and are easily the best compromise of an on road/off-road tire I’ve ever had, I had a set last over 40k miles, which on a full-sized Bronco is a near miracle.

Before people buy AWD vehicles, they should learn about the downside of a system that provides almost no consumer benefit and has MANY drawbacks…

Before they are smitten by fancy alloy wheels which mount tires in very strange sizes, they should inquire about the COST of replacement tires…It can amount to thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses down the road…

You are right. I ment BF Goodrich. Thanks