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Serpentine Belt replacement on 87 ford tempo

any body have any tips or tricks… spent all morning trying to find a Diagragm for this thing… noone has it… looked online and nothing matched my car !.. finally called someone who was able to tell us how to do it… and its just not working… rented a tension adjuster and cant figgure out where the damn bolt is… theres a sort of cap on the pully wheel (that may or may not have a nut under it… but no way to get the cap off… then thought mayby its connected to some sort of arm… gititng a jack now to check out the underside… any help would be greatly appreciated !

If memory serves those take a special slotted tool to move the tensioner.

We rented the tool but are having trouble finding the bolt and or wahtever needs to be loosened… were gitting a lift now to see if there is an Arm or something behind the pully… because there is nothing in front of it and its impossible to see in there… well get underneithe and see if we can find anyhtign

Most belt tools go on the bolt head on the pully, however I think the one you need is different than the style you describe. Does the tool you have, have about a quarter inch block on the end of it or a round hole to go on the head of a bolt?

(disclaimer)I could be thinking of the wrong year though.

there is no bolt head on the pully… thats whats throwing us off… theres a cap on the pully (like a hubcap kindov) about the size of a silver doller… and no way to get the cap off… which i shwy we though mayby there was a arm or lever somewere else… and yes the tool has a sort of Star shaped hole on one side… and a block on the other side… - just went out and cheaked progress i guess he got it loosened i guess gitting underneithe the car he was able to see the bolt… or arm or wahtever

the tool you will need is not your run of the mill tensioner tool. It is a special tool that without it I think you may be up the creek. I still have mine after all these years. It is Mac brand, but having the tool number may help.SB1120M

we got it loose and got the belt on with the tool i discribed above… got everythign back together and then the car wouldnt start… charged the battery up for about 15 minuts… still wouldnt start… finally got it to turn over for about 4 seconds then it crapped out… screeched and smoked… turns out… the AC Compressor is Seized… and the brand new belt immidiatly started burning out… so… now i have to decide weather i can afford to shell out 800 bucks to get it fixed… or just sell it and have no car… i hear theres a way to bypass the AC pully with the right size belt… but… then i will basicly be without a defroster all winter… which i cant do !.. COMPLETELY SCREWED !

Some are easy some aren’t. I just replaced a couple. The Acura was not bad but after looking at the G6 I ended up taking it in for $55 to replace it and well worth it. The front tire had to come off and access through the wheel well plus disconnecting the engine dampener. The Olds is about an hour job feeding the belt through a little slot in the bottom. So if you don’t have the service manual, best to just have it done.