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Installing Serpentine Belt - 93 Chrysler New Yorker 5th Ave

Today, I’m going to be trying to install my Serpentine Belt back onto my 93 93 Chrysler New Yorker 5th Ave. It came off this morning when I sprayed belt conditioner in the wrong spot.

I found this diagram…


that shows that I’ve routed it correctly, and which “gear” is the one that governs the tension.

Unfortunately, that tensioner is really hard to get to, and right up against the wheel well. The one immediately to the right of it is much easier to get to.

Any advice?

Can you remove the inner fender liner to access the tensioner through the wheel well?

You’re probably going need a tool such as this in order get at the tensioner to put the belt on.


Didn’t know that was sometimes possible. I’ll have to have a look for sure. Thanks.

Yeah, something like that looks just right. I’m hoping to rig up something with my wrenches.

So… I fixed it.

a 15mm wrench was what it took, on the pulley. I had to reach in and place the wrench on there, then leave it and get a 1x4 piece of lumber to be able to push the free end of the wrench down (clockwise, as the diagram above noted). I held it there with my elbow while my hands worked the belt back into place.

Car runs fine now.

But I’m going to get a price on a new belt. It may need to be replaced anyway. And now I know how to do it!

So how did you get to the tensioner, do you have a picture

The tensioner is accessible from under the hood, place a 15 MM wrench on the tensioner pulley bolt and push down. While holding the trensioner down remove the belt from one or more pulleys.

You’ll probably need a friend to hold the tensioner depressed while threading the new belt on. I do on my car.

I was unable to open tester’s link, but assume it was a typical tensioner wrench. I bought one, and it broke the first time I used it. I ended up using a breaker bar with a very shallow socket. I was hoping the tensioner would give me a bit more clearance. Mine has poor clearance too, a situation common enough to have spawned the invention of tensioner wrenches. One option to provide a bit more clearance is to grind a socket down until it has sufficient depth to fully engage the hex, but no extra, and use a breaker bar.

You can’t open the link because it was from SEVEN years ago. Hopefully he figured it out by now.

Aw, #$%&$#. Not again.