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Serpentine belt installation 2004 Ford Taurus 3.0L Duratec motor

I can’t figure out how to move the belt tensioner to install new belt. All videos I’ve looked at keep showing me a different setup than my car. They all show the Vulcan motor instead of the Duratec. The tensioner has a bolt and if I turn it conterclockwise, it loosens the bolt that holds in the tensioner. If I turn clockwise, it tightens bolt but does not move the spring loaded tensioner so I can install belt. Is there a special tool needed here? Help!

I’m not sure about your Taurus, but many Fords have a square hole in the tensioner that you put a 3/8" ratchet into and pull to release the tension on the belt (spring loaded). No need to bother the bolt in the tensioner.

This is why they print service manuals. And this is why you should have one.