Drive Belt 2000 taurus



Is it difficult to replace the drive (serpentine) belt on a 2000 ford taurus? If not, describe briefly. Thanks


Should be a simple enough job depending on how much room you have to work.

Take a look under the hood at the diagram that shows how the belt is routed & how to release the tension on it.

Hint: Make sure the belt is centered on all pulleys & route the belt over the idler pulley
last. Theres no lip on the idler & the belt will
slip right on to it. This is the only way that I can get a new belt to go on my 95 Taurus.

This might be the perfect time to pick up a Haynes manual.

I prefer the factory manuals, but the Haynes is worth the 20 bucks it will cost you and it will have instructions for this.


The 3.0 vulcan engine gives you a bit more room to work with than the 3.0 Duratec engine. But both engines’s belts are replaced in similar fashions. If you can get a special tool kit called a serpentine belt tool remover it make the job very easy and safe. Some autoparts stores will lend you one if you buy the belt from them. I have done it by using an obstruction wrench (12 point box wrench with NO offset angle and S shaped)with a pipe on the end of it to get the much needed leverage to rotate the tensioner. If using this method it helps to have a friend loop the belt around the pulleys while you concentrate on holding the tensioner steady with both hands. You dont want the wrench to slip off the tensioner bolt as it will snap back with alot of force. Watch your fingers.


Thanks for the information. BR


Thanks for the information. BR