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Has anyone done a serpentine belt on a Ford FWD minivan (Freestar)?

Do you put the belt tool on the center of the tensioner pulley, or is there another point on the arm to attach it to? What size is the bolt (I can’t reach it to measure it)? Do you approach it from above, or from underneath the car? The manual says to lock the tensioner spring; how the heck do you do that, and how do you release it afterwards? The Ford Freestar manual seems to assume that anyone knows how to do this, and provides very little detail.

I believe you don’t have a tool such as this. And without something like this, this job is almost impossible.


I just don’t know how one actually uses it for an engine in this orientation, with about an inch clearance in front of the bolt and no really good way to see what you’re doing (unless there is a trick to it that I don’t know). Do you just plunk the tool over the front of the bolt and push the handle toward the firewall?

And once you relieve the tension and slip the belt off a pulley, what then? Do you just release the tool, or do you hold it in place somehow? The manual says you lock the tensioner spring, but I can’t see how you could get your hand anywhere near the tensioner to do anything of the kind.

there is a small detent spring to hold the tensioner ,never mind take it to a mechanic.

well worth the money.

and yes done many.