Serpentine belt breaking the timing belt

Has anyone heard of a serpentine belt on a 2006 Honda Odyssey fraying and then ripping into the timing belt causing that belt to break? I recently had this scenario given to me as the cause of my recently replaced timing belt breaking.
Thank you for any insights.

It would have to rip through the timing belt cover and that damage would be visible. Did they show you the damage to the timing belt cover?

Yes that is what was shown to me. So, you feel this is possible? The Honda dealer did not and said it would be impossible. Yet…

I will look to get a picture of this posted here if possible.

Yes. I’ve seen a serpentine belt walk off the pulley, cut into the timing belt cover and take out the timing belt.


With this being a Honda, Wouldn’t there have been valve damage when the timing belt got taken out?

We had an improperly installed serpentine belt fray and pull out the oil seal behind the crankshaft pulley on a 2003 Toyota 4Runner, so I can see how it might cut the cover and take out the timing belt. When this happened to me, the vehicle was brand new and the serpentine belt was chirping. A technician replaced the belt, but put the new belt on incorrectly. The problem turned out to be a defective belt tensioner spring, but it took four replacement belts and the threat of forcing the dealership to buy the 4Runner back under the lemon law for the problem to be diagnosed correctly and resolved.

I could see a number of scenarios leading to damage other than the failed serpentine belt. Maybe a failed timing belt, tensioner, water pump failure, or even a loose balancer that came loose because of…?

This should be an interference fit engine so should it be assumed that the engine has been repaired or sitting due to major damage?

After having my mechanic walk me through what happened, I understand what happened. I have some crappy luck an my air conditioner makes too much noise. I sure wish I would have heard and processed the strange noise but alas. The whole mess did a number on my engine. Oh well.

What kind of Idiot put a 7 year old serpentine belt back pn after replacing the timing belt?

Having this problem occur soon after a timing belt does raise some suspicion that a screwup happened inside the belt case and the blame is being laid off on something else rather than admit responsibility. Believe me, it does happen and it’s not that rare a phenomenom.

The serpentine belt has to come off to change the timing belt so this has me agreeing with oldtimer. The competency of someone who would reinstall an about to snap serpentine belt is questionable.

I must admit, I wish that belt had been replaced as well when I had the timing belt changed. It would have been nice an cost a lot less than this mishap. The belt was changed at 60,000 though.