Serpentine Belt - 2006 Taurus



I have had the serpentine belt on my 2006 Taurus replaced 2x in a month-and-a-half. My car was in an accident in which the right front of the car was hit head-on by an Infinity going 40 mph. My air bags did not deploy.

The car was repaired at the Lincoln Mercury garage.

Three weeks later the serp. belt frayed and was replaced. April 24.

Shortly after that I began having troubles starting the car. I would have no electrical, no click, but if I opened the doors the electrical would come back with gauges fluttering, radio whining and clock reset to 12:00 and radio settings back to factory.

I took the car in for diagnostics several times but nothing was found.

On June 22 the serpentine belt frayed again and needed to be replaced. The dealer says the pulleys look fine and are not out of alignment.

I wonder if the engine was knocked off kilter or a frame problem.

Why won’t they try to do more than replace the belt and look at the pulleys? I’m blonde, but no dummy. There is something that wasn’t repaired correctly after the accident.

Thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. I’m taking this one to the top.


A 40 mph hit can mess up a lot of components including the computers and sensors. Also wiring if body components have shifted cutting or damaging wiring.

Have someone you know that is a bit mechanically inclined to use a straight edge (A two foot ruler or something similar will do) and recheck all the pulleys alignment again.


A 40 mph hit can damage computer and sensors, shifting body panels, etc. can cut wiring.

Have someone you know who knows a little about vehicles, have another look at the pulley alignment. All you need is a straight edge (long ruler or something similar) to check it.

Normally the reasons a serpentine belt shreds and/or comes off is due to poor pulley alignment or a seized pulley.

Or, in the case of Chrysler minivans, water splashing up onto the belt from puddles of water.


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