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Again with my Lexus rx300,I did move from Delray Beach FL to Ft Lauderdale and i was using a mecanic for 10 years in January he did replace a sensor now i have these lights on again on my dashboard and my new mecanic he is telling me i have to replace a sensor again so i called my first mecanic and he told me he did replace the rear sensor and he said maybe i have to replace the one near the radiator.

Your car has more than one sensor, so confirm which. But it may be something other than the sensor causing an error code so I would suggest a second opinion.

Thank you they think could be the one near the radiator.I will check with somebody else

There are many near the radiator. Perhaps have the other person diagnose it properly and don’t tell them where to look.
It’ll be a fun easter egg like trouble hunt for them and you get your car fixed for a reasonable price.

Ok the lights are on again on my dashboard so i decided to call again my Lexus mecanic i was using for 10 years and i will go there still it’s one hour drive but we need to find the sensor.