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Lexus Check Engine

I have a 99 Lexus RX300. I just bought the vehicle about 2 months ago. The Check Engine light just came on. Before I take it into the dealer is there anything that I can check myself on this particular car, or things I should be aware of before I have someone look at it. The manual doesn’t give much information.

Take it to a car parts place (Autozone, etc), they’ll scan it for free and tell you what codes it’s giving. Let us know.

And remember to come back here. Don’t fall into the error of assuming it needs a new O? sensor because the error code relates to an O? sensor. It may be other causes than a bad sensor.

And, unless there is some kind of warranty coverage, there is no reason to take it to the high-priced Lexus dealer for repair. This vehicle is essentially just a Toyota Highlander in fancy dress, so any competent mechanic can work on it.

Thank you. I will let you know what they say.

With a 10 year old Lexus I would skip the Lexus dealer unless you want the amenities. The labor price is very high. Your vehicle engine is very common and any competent mechanic has seen it the engine is shared with the common as dirt Sienna, Highlander, and Camry.