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Sensor Bank?

In January my daughter was in an accident with our 03 Passat,they replaced the front bumper, headlights, duct air intake, shield, Engine Lower, etc with a total of $2,280.17. Check engine light came on right after I picked it up they said to take it to the dealer which I did they replaced the evap feed line located behind the left front wheel…$265.34 to repair…had that work completed, now check engine light on again … registered faults sensor 1 malfunction…estimate to replace $430.79, said incorrect flow detected requires new vacuum line, estimate to replace $66.00. I can’t help but believe that this was messed with during the first repair…and what the he?? is a sensor bank…this is all that they say yet want $430 to repair it…can I live without it? I will be replacing the front brake pads and rotors soon and can’t really afford to have this extra work done. This car has had all regular maintenance work and is very well taken care of…your expertise and advice is greatly appreciated…

Who is giving you these estimates? Is it a VW dealer? You may get better prices at an independent mechanic, and there’s no reason to pay dealer prices for a seven year old car.

The body shop repairs the body damage. There is often unseen damage to other systems. It sounds like the evaporative emissions system was damaged in the crash and is now causing problems.

Talk to your insurance company about this. If it’s related to the crash it should be covered.