2000 Maxima Oxygen Sensor



Ck. Engine lights been on for a few years and I’ve ignored it. 2 ind. repair shops did a diagnostic and said the #4 sensor needs to be replaced; appx. $300 - 400. I took it the dealership and had them check it. Their diagnostic was $218 and they said problem was cannister needed to be replaced and to do that lots of other things were involved:

1. new cannister… $228

2. Vent control valve… 131

3. Pressure sensor… 357

4. Purge vol. control solenoid 256

5. Cut vacuum bypass valve… 127

6. Filter… _26


5 hrs. labor. 575

? 100

Grand Total $1800

They said if I didn’t do this engine light would continue to come on.

Do I need to do these things? Will I damage anything if I don’t do them? Are prices fair? Will engine light stay on if I don’t do these things? Is car worth it?


The first thing that you need to do is find out what the actual error codes are that are stored in the computer. Their format is P0123. The dealer and the indy shops have to be looking at two different codes (there are hundreds). No one can help you without knowing the codes.

That said, both diagnoses are probably highly questionable - but that depends on what has been done to actually diagnose. Get the codes and as much info as possible about what any of the shops have done to diagnose and report back.


Shame on you for ignoring the light “for a few years”. That can compound your problems.

There’s generally no need to take an out-of-warranty car to the dealer. A good independent is a better deal.


They propose to change all of the components of the EVAP system. This way, they think that has gotta fix the problem. Well, maybe, maybe not. It’s an expensive experiment, for you.
Take it to an independent shop which has some expertise in EVAP systems (evaporative emissions (fuel fumes) control system).
The EVAP system doesn’t affect engine performance. It gives the fuel fumes in the gas tank a chance to get burned in the engine.


Thanks for your comments. There’s some numbers written on the estimate. I can’t quite tell the figures on the right of the numbers but have put down what they look like. How do I tell what the numbers mean?
14950- 4L60A
14935 - 54U00
17372 - 1w200 (rW100)
14930 - 9E010
25085 - 9E011
18795 - 40405 (Y0U05)


That looks like a list of part numbers.

You’re looking for a “DTC” code or “error” code or something like that.

It is a “P” followed by 4 digits. (e.g. yours could be P0440)

Whatever you do don’t agree to anything that involves replacing all of that stuff. It is very likely something like going after a flea with an elephant gun.