Senior looking for a reliable, fun car

How much are you willing to pay, and do you want a new or used vehicle? What about fuel mileage, room for grandchildren? Since you want to sit high, cars are out. You will need an SUV, minivan, or truck. That will also hurt gas mileage, but it’s all a trade between the things you want to find one that best meets your desires.

Our daughter bought a used 2015 kia soul, She likes it and I know a few owners that have been happy with theirs.

Check Hyundai. They make several vehicles in eye-assaulting green.


My parents used to have a Mercedes Benz GLK350. They don’t make this anymore so you will have to buy used. My Mom loved this car but my Dad didn’t think it had enough room so they bought a newer GLC300. My Mom doesn’t like the looks nearly as much but it is larger and drives nice. She still regrets getting rid of it.

They never really had any problems with the car but always took it to Mercedes and any routine maintenance was EXPENSIVE so take that into account. The new car seems to be pretty similar. They haven’t had any real problems but maintenance is pricey.

This might be the fun yet sensible SUV you need.