What's a good "neat" 2nd car for a 22 year old?

Hello all,

Me and a friend of mine at work were discussing what kind of 2nd “for fun” car I might buy one day (this is purely hypothetical, I am a broke college kid).

I have my 99 Accord for my daily driver and as for the weekend warrior I was thinking something like an old '88 Corolla gts and my buddy suggested an old mini.

There are literally thousands of possible choices, depending on what type of car you’re interested.

Old English cars require lots of tinkering skills, but can be rewarding. Personally, for trouble-free fun driving I don’t see how you can beat a Miata.

Just about any convertible is a good fun car. That includes classics, Jeep Wranglers, and anything where the top goes down.

There won’t be any to chose from they have all been traded for C4C.

Cool, thanks for the interesting ideas : )

I do like Miatas

In my case it would be any ragtop sports car. A Nissan 370Z would be perfect. An MG Midget would be more realistoc to my budget.

For many years my Toyota pickups were the perfect second vehicle. I had acreage to maintain, enjoy woodworking, and was a hard-core cyclist. I could just throw the bike in the back and head to the ride. And all those muddy mountainbike rides were no problem for the truck bed. I would not have wanted to put a muddy bike in thefamily van. And I was raising a family, so I needed affordability. The pickups were perfect.

Lotus Exige. If that ain’t fun, nothing is.

Hey, you said this is hypothetical…

Maximum thrills - Ariel Atom

Fun to work on and cruise or take to the track - e36 body BMW (1991 to 1999 3-series). If you don’t want to go to the track, then any old Camaro or Mustang.

Fun and useful - old pickup, Chevy or Ford, 40s or 50s is cool, or an old VW Microbus.

The old pre-BMW Minis were fun, but not very good vehicles. I drove one in the 1970s. If you want something to tinker with, that might be a good choice.

Old Miata comes to mind.