Send an auto exec to school


Let’s all pitch in and send a Porsche exec to school so he/she can learn to spell “safety”:


Maybe they printed it on phonetic spelling day! :smile:


Maybe it belongs to someone named Saft and that’s his nickname.

Or a Saft battery powered electric Porsche?

Anyway, blame it on the engineers. We can’t spell anyway.


Well, we all know Porsche does things differently…


Saft is German for juice.

Maybe it’s an electric car.


…and maybe the batteries were built by Shell Oil, since their logo appears on the car?


Do Porsche executives manufacture and apply decals to vehicles?

This looks like a vehicle that is owned by a race track, a pace car. Is that racing facility owned by Porsche?


Better saft than sorey!


At least “MOTOR” is spelled right :wink:


Motor is German for Motor. At least they are consistent.


Since it is a Porsche it should be a Shafty Car.