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Send an auto exec to school

Let’s all pitch in and send a Porsche exec to school so he/she can learn to spell “safety”:

Maybe they printed it on phonetic spelling day! :smile:

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Maybe it belongs to someone named Saft and that’s his nickname.

Or a Saft battery powered electric Porsche?

Anyway, blame it on the engineers. We can’t spell anyway.

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Well, we all know Porsche does things differently…

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Saft is German for juice.

Maybe it’s an electric car.

…and maybe the batteries were built by Shell Oil, since their logo appears on the car?

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Do Porsche executives manufacture and apply decals to vehicles?

This looks like a vehicle that is owned by a race track, a pace car. Is that racing facility owned by Porsche?

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Better saft than sorey!

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At least “MOTOR” is spelled right :wink:

Motor is German for Motor. At least they are consistent.

Since it is a Porsche it should be a Shafty Car.