Spelling checklist, add to it please

Break does not equal brake.

Too, to, two,
there, their, they’re,
piece, peace,
rode, road

I dunno, I catch myself doing it myself if I don’t proof read. Let’s not get into motor vs. engine.

It’s unlikely anyone who could benefit from this thread will read it.

Have you considered telling the person to whom this is relevant, perhaps in a private message?


Whitey is correct, the people who need this the most will not read this or not even see why it can be annoying.

That said, anyone who has extra Capital letters, commas or periods should send them to the Carcomplaints web site as it seems they don’t have any.

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I was using a new brand of car polish while eating a Polish sausage.

I was talking with someone who was adamant that a motor was electric and an engine was combustion.

I replied that I thought it was odd that Castrol made motor oil, that FoMoCo stood for Ford Motor Company, Mopar was Motor Parts, GM was General Motors, and that the hub caps on my uncle’s Bonneville said Pontiac Motor Division.


Now if you ever plan to motor west…

Get yer motor runnin,’ head out on the highway…

I’ve heard that one before.
The Division of Motor Vehicles,
Harley Davidson Motorcycles,
General Motors,
Ford Motor Company,
the courts,
the legislators,
all dictionaries,
and motorboaters everywhere disagree with him.

Engines are recognized as motors by the legal community, the legislative community, the law enforcement community, the manufacturing community, purchasers of motor vehicles of all types everywhere,… and by me. :crazy_face:

And, yet, there are still a few uneducable people who insist that engines aren’t motors.
Go figure.

At least we have more vehicles now that are actually powered by motors and many others with motor(s) and engine.

LOL, I get your point, but they’re all powered by motors!
Some are electric, some are hydrocarbon fueled. Some are even hydrogen powered! Some are even fueled by French fry grease! But they’re all motors.


In the biker world. Harley Davidson is often referred to as “The Motor Company”; nothing more.

While not related to autos, the evening news here had a couple of good ones from 2 school teachers. There’s a big ruckus going on over teacher pay right now with several of them insisting that a 7 grand raise a year is “chump change”.

In their comments chump change was preceded by “crumby”.

crumb is the noun; crumby is the adjective; crummy is a common alternate spelling.

kilowatts per hour
hertz per second
knots per hour
PIN number
VIN number
and calling every personal watercraft not made by Kawasaki a “Jet Ski®”.

How 'bout when they say the tire is making noise and they mean the breaks! LOL

I’m reminded of the cartalk episode where they were sending a shipment of vowels to Poland, which had a major shortage of them.

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And that reminds me of the note a mom sent to the school teacher with her child after an absence.
“Please excuse Little Jimmy. He had a case of loose vowels.”
CSA :palm_tree: :sunglasses::palm_tree:

It could be worse, actually.
One of my co-workers once received a mother’s note stating that her daughter had been in bed with cramps, but instead of “cramps”, the mother wrote “gramps”.

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You are as usual 100% correct. “Engine” and “Motor” are for all practical purposes interchangeable. I’m usually not one to “stir the pot” but it’s been a bit boring around here lately and I could not resist. My high school auto shop teacher with a Mechanical Engineering degree was a “stickler” on the differences between motors and engines. When a student asked why IC engines were bolted to the vehicle with “Motor Mounts” he went into a 5 minute diatribe which resulted in a total “deer in the headlights” condition for us students. One more example. Isn’t a bicyclist an organic motor/engine powered by organic fuel and electricity?

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A few days ago I was out motorvatin’ over the hill in my IC engine car.

Yeah but you wouldn’t call a blower motor an engine. I would say an engine can be a motor but a motor cannot be an engine.

At any rate when I was into printing, it used to drive me nuts when people would call a copy a Xerox or worse yet as a verb. Even though we had a lot of Xerox brand machines, we also had Cannon, etc. Then there is Kleenex instead of tissue.

The pay raise wasn’t the issue. The teachers said the low state education budgets was the issue.