Renault is "back in the black"

… and is planning on a bigger commitment to EVs.

How do you all pronounce the name , ren alt or re no? I may do either.

When they were selling the Dauphine in The US, many years ago, their commercials called it the ren-alt, but the correct pronunciation is reh-no.


Had a girlfriend in Canada, we say Nis son, they say nis san as in sand! Course I sometimes say pigwat for Peugeot :wink: Hope you don’t mind the hijack ;(

Why would I mind?
Back in the early '60s, I used to go to the NY Auto Show at the NY Colosseum every year. (If I had saved all of the manufacturer brochures that I picked up every year, I could probably have sold them for a sizable chunk of change, but–unfortunately–I threw them all out in the late '70s :frowning_face: )

I recall one year when I was approaching the Peugeot exhibit, and someone behind me called out…
Look! It’s the Pee-Gotts!

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Pronunciation is important if you hire someone to paint your porch and you park an Audi near it.
I didn’t see a Porsche so I assumed you meant the Audi.


Some posters consider off topic not cool, glad you don’t mind!

Life is too short to get worked-up over such matters.


Most of us said ren alt because we were just not refined enough and didn’t know French.

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It wasn’t until many years later that I learned the correct pronunciation.

And, the Americans who were unfortunate enough to have bought a Renault Dauphine soon began to refer to their cars with Anglo-Saxon curse words. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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