Selling SAAB for parts is there a List Serv or such?

I have a SAAB 2007 93 and only 35k! Unfortunatley, things have changed and I need a bigger car. Because of the parts shortage, I have decided to sell it to mechanics, dealers, etc… Do I just Craigs List or are there list servs that I should use, databases to scan, etc…

I do need to move with three cats so time is important as I will need to buy a new car. Any help is appreciated!

Elizabeth Lowe.

Google Saab forums, I’m sure there are some good ones that have want ad sections.

Why not just trade the Saab in for the new car you are going to buy? There may be some Saab lover out there who really thinks he/she must have a Saab. My brother encountered this when he owned a 1963 Studebaker Lark. In 1968, Studebaker had ceased to manufacture cars and some parts were hard to get. He saw a 1963 Buick LeSabre advertised at a low price at a Buick dealership. He drove to the dealer and tested the car. It was in great shape. The dealer offered him a wonderful deal in trade for his Studebaker. My brother thought that there was some catch until the salesperson convessed to the fact that a female customer kept coming around the agency looking for a Studebaker. While my brother was test driving the Buick, the salesman called the woman and she came in and looked at my brother’s Studebaker and really wanted the car. The other thing that made the deal good was that the Buick LeSabre the dealer had was equipped with a manual transmission, but did not have power steering. Very few people wanted a car like that. At any rate, my brother thought the manual in a Buick was great and made the trade.

And parting out a car is LOTS of work, may take a long time to come out ahead.

+1 with Taxases.
The bigger ticket items (engine and transmission) require special tools and knowledge.

Even though Saabs are no longer in production, there are still a lot of Saab lovers out there. Most people who love Saabs have owned one in the past. If it were my car, I’d look up its book value on and place an ad on craigslist for the whole car. With those low miles it sould still bring pretty good money, unless of course it is not running.

Everyone is right from potentially losing money to selling to people.I have looked on Craig’s List and there are so many dealers unloading now. The cars look brand new and have little mileage. There is no way I can compete with that.

I also have this unshakeable fear that if I spld to a person then he/she will come back and say untrue and mean things and demand money back. Lawyers become involved. I weep and it is a big mess.

Perhaps I am ahead of myself. I should just get my car appraised and then go from there. Just in case, any other thoughts on how to find a mechanic who wants SAAB parts?



At the moment there is no problem getting parts. I got rid of my 2010 9-3 but I got a email about a month ago saying that the parts are being stocked. You shouldn’t have any problem getting parts.

I agree with @steveng on the parts.
But I also agree that NOW is the time to sell…with respect to the next buyer.

as-is clause of private auto sales usually prevent the buyer from coming back on you

To steveng, dagosa, and bscar2, thank you for email. I decided to keep the car so I have not checked back but now you are making me rethink it. Personally, I like owning a car and no payments, but as it is a SAAB, it is a different situation.

I am going to have to rethink it. I appreciate all of your help.


Personally, I like owning a car and no payments, but as it is a SAAB
The big factor for me would be to have no car payments. If you keep up the maintenance on the car, at only 35,000 miles, you should get quite a few more miles of service. Most parts should be available for several more years.

I’d just trade it in, take your hit, and get on with your life. Trying to squeeze the last nickel out of something is rarely profitable. Depending on where you live, you just can’t park a car outside and start pulling parts off of it to sell. Sell a fender here, a couple tires, the windshield, hood, radio, seat, then what? Its gonna sit there for 3-4 years until you can get a wrecker in to haul the rest of it out?