Selling a car with out-of-state title/registration/plates

@db4690, Apparently a question about selling a car with out-of-state plates is not allowed to include a discussion specifically including California or possible emissions control and registration conflicts.

Probably the same people that try to enforce the speed limits on the freeways by blocking everyone else. There are vigilantes everywhere that just have to strictly enforce their concept of the rules.


You are apparently correct


In any case, it was a nice discussion

And for that individual that flagged us “off-topic” . . . GO WITH GOD

So how about those Seahawks, huh?

(Just couldn’t resist a really off-topic comment.)

Personally, I don’t consider points about emissions and so on as being OT when it comes to selling a car as it may be very relevant and could affect the legality of the sale. In some areas I think the car being sold may have to go through a state inspection a certain number of days before it’s sold; even from a private seller.

What CT should do is eliminate the line of flags/OTs and so on. It’s an unnecessary feature and subject to abuse.
Not long after CT started that feature I got hit with something like 40 disagrees in a just a few hours and within the next week I think a number of other regular posters also got hit with a lot of disagrees or what have you in very short periods of time.

@db4690, maybe the more you talk about being flagged, the more it occurs. You know how that goes.


Noted, but I’m not going to abstain from an interesting discussion just because I’m afraid of some “trigger-happy” individual

Honestly, I think the people that hide behind their negative flags (particularly off-topic and disagree) are acting like very small and petty people

I will freely admit that I deserved most, but not all, of my flags. The last batch, however, was just done out of spite

Go with God??? Get a life! Nobody cares about flags one way or the other…This thread is 3 pages long, the OP is LONG gone, the first few posts answered his question, all the rest are basically “Off Topic”, the choir preaching to the choir…

You don’t demand identification when someone agrees or likes one of your posts, why do you demand it when you get an “Off Topic” mark?


“Go with God” was meant to be sarcastic . . . because I’m not religious at all

No offense intended to any regular church-goers

“Nobody cares about flags one way or the other . . .”


So why do some of the regulars say otherwise?

BTW . . . by responding to me, aren’t you going off-topic yourself?


Perhaps some of us in the choir actually like preaching to ourselves once in awhile

There have been some nice off-topic discussions . . . at least I felt that way

But apparently some of us feel the need to play the pastor and punish the unruly children

If you don’t like what I have to say . . . and I don’t really know how you feel . . . why are you even talking to me? Why don’t you just ignore my comments? After all . . . if I don’t like a book, I’ll just stop reading it and move on the next one.