Selling a Used Car from another state?


I recently moved to Virginia, and want to sell my car titled in TN. Does anyone have experience selling a car from another state, other than the one that they are currently living in? Do I need to do the paperwork as if the car is being sold in TN? I’ve tried google searches on taxes, but I cannot find information on taxes for selling the car. Would they be normal VA sales taxes?


It doesn’t depend on where the car is currently registered, but where the new owner will register it. If you live in Fairfax, for example, and a buyer from DC or MD bought it, they would owe taxes and registration fees to DC or MD, but not VA or TN. It doesn’t change if you now live near Bristol.

The car may have to pass VA state inspection, however. I suggest that you look into that. I think it’s better to get the state inspection certificate before selling the car. The buyer only has to register the car to get the new plates. There is always a risk that the new owner may have to pay several hundred dollars to pass inspection, and that will effect your selling price.


Thanks for the input. The idea of passing inspection first is a great idea. I just had a mechanic give it a one over and give me the results, and so I guess with that and the inspection sticker I should be fine.


Contact the VA motor vehicle department. They will have all the answers. Usually, as long as you have the title, you can sell a vehicle in any state.