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Sell or Repair 2003 Pontiac Vibe or buy newer

I love my car, but the rims are rusted and the tires slowly leak. Not sure the repair/replacement is warranted in a car with 140k mi. Not loving a manual transmission, and the brakes may need to be replaced soon as well.

The overall costs will go up considerably though. Taxes, insurance, etc.

Need a hatchback, and am considering a bit more luxury like heated seats. Don’t really want an suv, but my budget is around 10K, so not into the smaller crossover realm yet.

Acura rdx
Subaru Impreza
Toyota Rav4
Buick Encore although too big

thought about hybrid but a bit concerned.

Advice greatly appreciated!

Go to a tire store, thy will take off the tires. buff the corrosion off the bead area and paint it. You will be good for another 16 years.


even if you have to purchase new wheels and replace all the brakes- that is way under $10K. If your Vibe is otherwise reliable, then those aren’t good reasons to get rid of it. These are normal maintenance items (@oldtimer_11 is probably spot on about your wheels,) and those costs need to be factored into any vehicle you own.

NOW, if you don’t like it anymore, then putting money in those things is not going to help you feel better cruising around town.

This is not really a question for stranger that have zero idea of your financial responsibilities or abilities. This is something you are going to have to decide for yourself.

On a 10000.00 budget forget a Hybrid or any all wheel drive vehicle . You don’t need the expensive repairs those can have.

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Probably shouldn’t have posted this. Thanks for the advice! How can I delete?