Sell or Repair, 1992 Honda Civic

My 1992 HONDA Civic is requiring more and more repairs. This past year it needed a master brake cylinder, allignment, brake light socket, and repair of a hole in the air conditioner system. Now I need new struts and tires and the air conditioning is fairly weak in terms of cooling the car. I had 3 accidents the first two years, non since, which may have left poor alignment. I am changing from a job which was 7 minutes away on city streets to 30 minutes on the freeway. Should I sell this car or continue to repair. By the way, I live in CA.

If you’re going to be spending an hour a day in the car, and AC is a must, and it’s not a financial stretch to get a new car, that’s what I’d do.

Of course if you took it to a mechanic who would say that everything else is in tip top shape for a 15 year old car, then it might be ok to put $1k+ of repairs into it.

my bottom line is sell and get new if you can afford it.

Struts/tires are maintenance items not repairs.

However given your longer commute I think this car is going to be very tiresome. I owned one and found it to be tiring after a 40 min commute.