Sell 97 Camry Vs 03 Civic

Recently I bought a used 2011 Town and Country van. I still have my two old cars.
Civic - 2003 Honda Civic LX with 62k miles. Has an accident in 08. Feel little cramped in civic while driving.
Camry - 1997 Toyota Camry XLE with 158k miles. No major issues so far. Has new battery installed. Fan makes sound when switched to highter speeds. Heater and AC are working fine. Rims have rust, due to this I have to fill air once in a month. Feel comfortable in driving.
Please advice which once to sell.

Since you “feel a little cramped” in the Civic, sell the Civic.

You would be far better off keeping the Civic but sell it if you can’t get over the “cramped” feeling.

You are likely to replace the Camry much sooner than the Civic if your only criterion is that it keeps running. I’d keep the Civic, but I’m using my priorities to make that decision. Is the better gas mileage of the Civic a plus? Does that override the smaller cabin? Think about what you like and dislike about both and make a list. Prioritize the list, and maybe that will help you decide.