1992 Chevy Lumina

Why does my Chevy lumina die after it runs for awhile and starts back up after it sits for awhile

How about some more details?

How long is “awhile?”

Does it do it every time you drive it or just some? Is it manual or automatic transmission?

Do you meant it dies while it is running or do you mean it dies when you come to a stop?

How long have the current spark plugs and wires, fuel and air filters been on your car?

Engine dies within an hour every time it is driven. Does it every time it is driven running and at idle. It has an automatic transmission. It has been tuned up this summer filters and plugs. Runs great when it runs. Leave it sit for an hour and it will start back up??? Has been in a local shop three times.

Two things are probably most likely. One is heat soaked ignition components (plugs & wires are only the end point of the system). The other is a dying fuel pump.

Figure out which one to troubleshoot: get a spark tester or spare plug and a can of started fluid. The next time it stalls out and won’t restart first check for spark. If you have it blow some starter fluid into the intake and see if that will get it to fire up - even if just for a few seconds.