Selector (Driver) Switch Position Sensor

Can a Selector (Driver) Switch Position Sensor cause your car to stall while driving. I replaced the ignition switch but the car will quick running while driving. And sometimes wont start unless you move the driver selector gear shift from neutral to park. It’s intermittent. The car is a 1998 Ford Contour, SE model, 2.0 liter.

The neutral safety switch, as it is generically known, only affects starter engagement, so it can’t directly cause stalling.

Yes. It’s called a prindle(PRNDL)switch. This switch tells the computer what gear the vehicle is in. I’ve seen these switches fail where they cause an interuption of power to the instrument cluster to the interuption of power to engine mangement system.



liabilty issue. PLEASE TELL US MORE!

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Thanks, power to the instrument cluster is affected when the problem occurs. Maybe I can remove it and clean the contacts?

When a PRNDL switch fails, it can’t be cleaned. It must be replaced.


What happened to the good old days when these systems were separate??

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