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Ford explorer stalls out on hot days

my 2000 ford explorer stalls after i’ve been driving around on hot days. usually it’s when running errands, stop and go type of things. i get into the car after several stops and it will start, but it just stalls when i put it into gear. by the time it’s towed to the service station, it seems to be running fine. they’ve hooked it up to a computer and checked out everything (three times in the last year) and can’t seem to find out what the problem is. it seems that once it cools back down, it starts up with no problem. any ideas??

Have them check the fuel pressure.

When was the last time the plugs and wires were replaced? How about spark coil or whatever is used in its place?

[b]The problem might with the PRNDL switch. The PRNDL switch is what tells the computer what gear the transmission is in.

Ford has had issues with these switches on their vehicles. Some complaints include a no start condition, engine stalling when the transmission is shifted into gear, and even dash displays acting erratiically when the transmission is shifted into gear. And these are just the few problems I’ve heard about when the PRNDL switch is defective.


I am having this same issue with an '02 did you figure it out?

That is a 10 year old post. The poster has probably moved on, fixed the car or sold or scrapped it.

Probably but when you’re desperately looking for an answer does it hurt to ask?

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