i have a 2002 sebring and for some reason the heat only comes out of the air conditioning vents any ideas anyone?

The air and heat use the same vents.

He means that he cannot direct heat or A/C to the floor or windshield.

The door that directs the airflow is messed up. It may be a jammed door, or perhaps the control switch is malfunctioning. You need to disassemble the dashboard to determine the exact cause of the problem.

dude i know that im saying i cant get the heat or air to come out of the other vents its only out the face vents

Steve may know, but it is good to remember that not all cars have the same kind of controls. Some are mechanical (cable) some vacuum and some cars have electric.

My 2002 Sienna has almost always been used only by the two passengers, with the back full of things to be moved here and there. So, even when we did drive into the snow zone, the back never got turned to heat. And, most of the time it is on a/c here in the warm belt.

Last year, for the first time we were in the snow belt with passengers, and when I turned the back system to heat, it didn’t work. It made loud roaring noises as if the correct door were not opening. I contemplated it for a while, turned up the heater in front full blast, and this car will go to its grave with a stuck heat door.