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Epic roadtrip

My friend and I live in Copenhagen in Denmark and are going on an epic 6 month road trip around the United States. We are looking for a minivan that we can take the seats out of or a small truck with a bed topper so we can sleep in the vehicle. We are students on a limited budget and want a vehicle that we can sleep in, gets ok millage and that is reliable. Just looking for suggestions about what we should look for when we arrive in a few months. Thanks. S and T

Just to get something going for you as you have no replies so far, you have already suggested what can be done, a minivan or a small pickup truck with a topper or a camper shell if you can find one set to go. There will be a larger selection of used minivans than pickups with a topper already installed.

I suggest a brand that is commonly available such as Ford, Chevrolet or Dodge as there are more dealers in small towns as well as in larger cities than for the oriental or European brands which are likely to be found more in populated areas and not in rural areas.

6 months in a camper or van may wear thin but camping in a tent will wear thin too. An alternative is a turtle top van type motorhome. These use a little more gas but not as much as a full grown Class C or Class A motorhome.

You might also have the need for a home base to register your vehicle. I have not done this but would look into finding a state that does not have vehicle inspection that also has a UPS or Federal Express store that will serve as a mail drop address that will send you your mail on request to General Delivery at your current location. Much of Wisconsin, for example, has no mechanical or emissions inspection hassles to endure.

I hope this gets more posts going for you.