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Sebring suspension problem

I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring convertible. Purchased it with 76,000 on it and it now has 90,000. All of a sudden I started having some kind of suspension issue, it feels as if any or all of the wheels may fall off at anytime which is what happened. I had the left rear ball joint give way at 30mph no resulting damage and had the car towed and repaired. Since then I have replaced the remaining 5 ball joints so all are now new. I have also replaced all struts , control arms, sway bar links and rotors and pads. The wheels still feel as if their ready to fall off. I also replaced both c.v. joints. These repairs were all done withen the last 2 weeks. While making sharp left turn such as a U turn the left front wheel seems to clunk as if it’s not rolling properly. I have checked the bearings which seem to be okay. I have checked all bolts for any loosness and all the bushings seem to be okay. Anyone got any ideas what this is? This car drop e with precision before this mystery took over and it took over in one day, it went from perfect to crap in an instant.

Did you check the tie rods?Does the handling feel sloppy, not as precise as before?

I wonder if you developed a crack in the subframe and the subframe is now moving where it didn’t before.


I like where @CapriRacer racer is going here… Look for cracks in both the front and the rear!

If not a crack, does this car suffer from rust?