2000 Sebring convertible noise

I have a noise (clunk) coming from what seems like the drivers side front area. Any time the wheel is turned to 80% in either direction and either going forward or in reverse the vehicle clunks. I have checked all ball joints (even installed a couple of zirk fittings and greased them with no luck)I have had a mechanic keep it for several hours with no suggestions and the local Chrysler dealer they wanted to start by replacing parts which I declined. Any suggestions would be appreciated

My guess is you have a bad CV joint. Your symptooms are typical.

Is it just a single clunk? Or repetitive based on how fast the wheels are moving? My cirrus developed a single clunk after my lower control arm was replaced. The bolts to the frame were not quite tight enough to keep the arm completely seated when the arm was under a hard load.

If the noise seems to be on the drivers side front then that should be the CV joint that needs replacement, correct?