Sebring radio stopped working

My oldest daughter, who is 1.5 hours away from me at college, called to say her car radio stopped working suddenly. To a college student, this seems to be a calamity of the highest order!

The car is a 2001 Chrysler Sebring. She just got it a month or so ago, so none of us are especially familiar with it. She said the stereo was working when she turned off the car. She realized she had forgot to close her sun roof, so she turned the key to the auxilary position and closed the sun roof without starting the car. She noticed after that the stereo would no longer turn on.

Any suggestions I could give her to check for herself?

check the radio fuse @ fuse box in car. If there’s anything else not working there could also be a bad fuse (possibly called “mem” in the engine compartment fuse box

OK, she checked the radio’s fuses and said they looked fine. She pulled one out and used it to replace a same type of fuse for something else,(the turn signals, I believe) and it worked fine, so to me that sounds like the fuses aren’t the problem. Any other suggestions?

I would try to verify that power is getting to rear connector of the radio. It may be the radio has a problem internally. If it is bad she may be able to find a pretty cheap replacement on Ebay.