Seatbelts lock up in '97 Sebring

Occasionally, with increasing frequency, the seatbelts in my '97 Sebring lock up–both front belts; when one locks up, they both do. We’ve replaced the sensor to no avail. I’ve called Chrysler, who denies any knowledge of the problem. Local dealers only want to begin testing and replacing things–at considerable expense to me. My research has shown that many people have experienced this, but no one has listed a solution. Any thoughts?

Hi, I am interested to know if you have received help in this problem because I am experiencing the same exact seat belt issue with no extension on both sides!! Please post the fix or any help. Thanks.

The seatbelt mechanism has a cam in it that will lock up the seatbelt when it senses an inertia shift, like heavy braking or worse. It does this with a weighted cam. Sometimes, debris and rust can make the normally free-swinging cam get sticky, and jam in the locked position. Other times, simply parking nose-down on a noticable slope is enough. Sine this is happening more and more, I suspect the debris or rust problem. The seatbelt mechanism will need top be removed and inspected.

We have this problem on our 2003 GMC pickup at times. I have found that sometimes it is caused when one of the rear doors is not closed all the way. Just a thought but it drives me crazy when it happens.