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Seat belts for 91 Nissan sentra

This question may have been answered all ready, I don’t know, but I am about to go crazy. I have a 91 Nissan sentra. The seat belt warning light and buzzer like to go off for no reason. Sometimes this lasts my entire trip, 30 minutes of constant buzzing. I have narrowed it down to the front passenger automatic latch.( it slides across the top of the roof and latches in the back.) I have tried every thing I have heard to try from unplugging the wires under the seat to spraying wd-40 into the latch. Nothing has worked. Has anyone seen or possibly fixed this problem? Please let me know you what you think because I am just short of ripping out the dash board to cut the wires to the buzzer.

There is a sensor within the latch that is supposed to tell you the belt is not properly attached or the belt mechanism is not fully seated. Usually, the sensor will close a circuit to indicate it is connected properly. Maybe, there is a problem with the passenger seat automatic latch that needs attention. It may not be seating properly, and this could cause the seat belt to fail in an accident. This could cause serious injury to any passenger that may be with you that could have been avoided. You may want to get it checked out instead of ignoring it.

Got back from Nissan today. Belt OS done and working properly but they can not tell me why it will start buzzing for no reason.