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Passenger Seat Belt Light

When someone is sitting in the front passenger seat and fastens their seat belt the warning light won’t stop flashing. It does not flash if they don’t fasten their seat belt. So its basically doing the opposite of what it’s supposed to. The dealer wants $300 for a new seat belt and $200 to install it. I don’t really care about the light (that’s what black tape is for, right?) but is there a safety issue? Can I safely ignore it, or is my wife headed for the windshield if I make a sudden stop? She’s already a terrible passenger! (2000 Toyota Sienna LE)

I have the same problem in my 1999 Sienna. When it first occurred on the driver’s side, I did a lot of searching and learned it’s only a light issue.

If you want to fix it properly, you’ll need to buy and replace the seat belt retractor unit. The common method seems to be to simply disconnect the connector for the bulb. That connector is located down at the seat belt retractor. The hardest part about fixing it is getting the plastic panel covers off to access the retractor.

I think it can be safely concluded that the seat belt latch is in good working order. What I am not so certain of is just what will a flashing light that means “seat belt not fastened” (mine does not flash ,just glows steady) inhibit, if anything. Of course of most concern is to verify the airbag will still function even if the light is flashing.

Just curious, does the light flash if no one is in the seat and the belt is still fastened?