Automatic seat belt

Help! I have a 1991 Honda civic lx with automatic seat belts. The drivers side won’t go up to the secure position so I’ve been pulling it manually- when I open the door it retracts automatically- the passenger side works just fine- I’ve checked the fuses- oh yeh, the alarm sounds constantly- help

If it is working then the fuses are ok.
Clean the belt track completely and lube it with a light grease, not WD40.

Hope that helps.

If meaneyedcatz’s advice doesn’t help, let’s consider that this is a 1991 Civic. I’d consider a hack solution, like installing a racing harness to replace the driver’s seat belt, but you’d need to make sure it is installed properly in order to be safe. Google the phrase “5 point universal seat belt” and you will get lots of results, some as inexpensive as $25. Pep Boys probably carries some of these in their stores and seems to have a decent selection. With this being a pre-airbag car, I’d consider a seat belt upgrade a good idea.

…and if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with the alarm, I’d disconnect it.

Personally, I’d open it up and see why it isn’t working before doing anything to it. You can probably get a body manual online.

does Honda have a life time warrenty on its seat belts?

If they do, it doesn;t apply to the retraction mechanism anyway. Just to the tensile strength o the belt.

It’s a 1991. You’re on your own on this.