Searching For An SUV

I am a tall guy looking for a luxury SUV or a cross-over vehicle that must meet the following requirements:

1) Best in class in driver leg-room

2) Best in class on fuel mileage (gas, diesel, or electric)

3) Must be a luxury vehicle

I have been looking for a couple years and the only vehicle that seems to meet the above is the Infiniti FX35. Have I missed something? Are there other vehicles that I should consider? Does anyone know of any NEW vehicles in production?

How Tall ?

Also, if “Best in class in driver leg-room” and “Best in class on fuel mileage (gas, diesel, or electric)” are not both found in the same vehicle, how many MPGs are you looking to get at a minimum ?

You might have to compromise a bit on something.


  1. Best in class in driver leg-room

    Leg room by itself will not give you are valid answer.

  2. Best in class on fuel mileage (gas, diesel, or electric)

    Define “best in class” If you mean best gas, diesel or electric, you are talking about three different animals. One might get better city mileage, another in the mountains etc. You need to get numbers based on your driving style and needs.

  3. Must be a luxury vehicle.

    Define your view of luxury vehicle. Likely we would not agree.

    That is what is fun in life. Life would be very boring if we all had the same opinions.

FX-35? Kinda blows #2 out of the water, they don’t do particularly well on mpgs. How about an Escalade hybrid or a BMW X5 diesel?

A 2011 2WD Chevy Tahoe hybrid will get 20 MPG city and 23 MG highway. You will likely also have room in the second row behind the driver for an adult with the driver’s seat all the way back. That probably can’t be said for any mid-size SUV. All that, and only $50,000.

Have you taken a test drive of a Lexus RX hybrid or GM models? (Cadillac or Chevy?)

I think leg room is more than specs but how you actually fit and feel in the seat.

Acura something-something-X?