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Search and Restore

What do you think about the Search and Restore TV show ?

Never heard of it.

Didn’t know about it, but then I don’t watch spike TV all that much. Found a couple seasons through Amazon and so far it’s basically like the show Overhaulin, a few pro’s with a well stocked shop,volunteer help, and donations from various companies. The one i’m watching now involves a '55 Chevy Handyman that will be fitted with hand controls along with the modern frame and powertrain.

I will wait until they feature a four door Pinto wagon to watch.

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Never heard of it, but if it’s done right it should be interesting.

No cable tv for me. I looked at the website, some of the episodes looked sort of interesting. The website wasn’t very user friendly though so didn’t spend much time there. As far as I could tell this show is only shown in re-runs, right? No new episodes being produced.

Not sure if it is in reruns.

Looks like Season 3 was the last one ending December 2013


Just like most IMO; divorced from reality.