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Sealing those pores aluminum rims

can I spray paint the inside of my aluminum rims ,they have become pores and leak air very slowly about 5 pounds psi per month .?sealing those pores aluminum rims

What makes you think your aluminum rims are porous?

5 PSI per month of pressure loss could be caused by a long list of things, such as a drop in temperature or bent rims or normal attrition. If you can tell me why you think your aluminum rims are porous, I might have some suggestions for identifying the real cause of pressure loss.

While 5 PSI of loss in a month is a little higher than normal, it isn’t that abnormal. If I put off checking my tire pressure a whole month (rather than weekly), I have to put air in the tires too, and my rims are steel.

Like Whitey, I wonder if you’ve ruled out all other causes first. If you spray the tires and valve with soapy water, do you see any bubbles anywhere?

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I love it (not!).
OP asks a simple question.
In return he gets assumption and aggressive skepticism.
Yes paint should at least slow down the leak.
Just do a good preparation: clean thoroughly, sand lightly and use metal primer to make sure it sticks.

I’m not sure what makes skepticism about a piece of aluminum as thick as a rim being porous “aggressive.” Do you think aluminum rims are porous?

Even aluminum foil isn’t normally porous, so I’m not convinced these rims are porous. Are you? If so, why?

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More skepticism : are you saying all four are leaking ?
I think paint would be temporary at best. I would call a wheel specialty shop and see if they have a solution.

I think paint would only be temporary, but if you decide to try this I’d recommend clearcoat. It’s thicker, self-leveling, and there won’t be any overspray issues.

It’s probably corrosion where the bead meats the rim from salt.


good idea .thank you

see what happened is the chrome on these particular Lincoln zephyr rims is exceptionally thick and notorious for chipping so a tire shop sanded off the rim edge where the chrome was overlapping it into the bead area and it helped 3 out of 4 rims however the one last tire leaks to much and the tire shop said there isn’t any chrome in the bead area any more . . so I thought maybe it could be sealed the shop will spray it on if I purchase the paint however no guarantees of coarse…



wow, I learned something today. And it’s fitting, as I have an aluminum wheel leaking.

Good stuff, Tester

Well that finally settles it! Nice.