Sealant for intake manifolds

I would appreciate any suggestions on the best type/brand of sealant to use when installing intake manifolds-

(this car is ‘01’ Chev Mailibu)

Thank you in advance.

I’ve always had good success with Permatex sealers. They make many types, so look for the ones that cover your application the best. Be sure to look for ‘sensor safe’ sealers. Is this a V-type engine, or an in-line 4 cylinder? The gaskets can be different styles, and require a different type of sealer.

eng is a V6- As you stated, they make many types- The sealant is to be used on “the front and rear ridges of the engine block, between the heads”, when installing the intake manifold. I want to use the best sealant for this proceedure as I’d hate to have to re-do it. With so many types and claims of sealants, it’s hard to know which is best-

go to dealer and get GM sealer,works great,and some cool sys tablets.

This product is what the manufacturer uses for sealants on the engine.